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Open Data

Why Open Data

"Open Data" is a worldwide movement. In Hong Kong, with the HKSAR Government, the initiative is driven by Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB). The practice of "Open Data" makes public sector data available for social and commercial re-use on a free-of-charge basis. The objective is for the society to generate social and economic values from this special class of public asset.

Benefits for Hong Kong to adopt a more robust Open Data Practice

The practice of using "Open Data" as an economic asset supports commercial use, Economic development and job creation -- particularly in the innovation & technology and creative industry sectors (more than 300 cities in Mainland China are encouraging such "Open Data" use). Open Data" use helps develop innovation & technology, creative and commercial research services industries "Open Data" also nurtures start-ups by having free resources to create products and services. Wider use of "Open Data" in Hong Kong helps increase the transparency of Government decisions and facilitate fact-based discussion of public policies. Adoption and promotion of "Open Data" use by the HKSAR Government improve Hong Kong international competitive ranking directly.